Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Balconies and Afternoons

Serious about balconies. 

Skirt- Forever 21
Blouse- Mind Code

Necklaces- Vintage
Cuff- H&M
Hat- H&M

As Montréal warms, so too does my apartment, whose heat is managed not by me, but rather, a wizard behind a curtain somewhere by the name of Silvio, who never quite mastered the lexical nuances of English, French, or seemingly any language for which I might have a chance at finding a translator. Landlords.

But la-di-da, look what does come with the apartment!: a beautiful balcony just off my bedroom upon which to lounge, laugh, and spend languid afternoons forgetting all about midday classes and snapping light-imbued photos of the day's apparel.

I picked up this camel-hued maxi after drastically over-wearing the same one in black throughout the winter, and I tend to pair this white chiffon blouse with absolutely everything. Quite sadly, this fabulous floppy-brimmed hat from H&M is far floppier than it once was after an unfortunate encounter with a sudden rainstorm. The brim now functions a bit like horse blinders when donned in a crowd.

That being said, wishing you balmy days...


  1. Thanks for your comments!!
    I love your hat!

    1. Hi Cris!

      Thank you! I'm attempting to find a way to revive the stiffness of the brim, but so far the solution is eluding me!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm certain the people on the street enjoyed the show..


  3. Sounds like a fair trade - balcony for comfortable living conditions! Montreal has such a beautiful European feel to it, I bet your apartment is beautiful...

    These photos are gorgeous.


    1. This is true! The crown mouldings and high ceilings help counterbalance the stifling heat, for the most part. Most being the operative word- ha.

      And thank you!