Thursday, 22 March 2012

Balconies and Mornings

Surprised at cameras

Dress- Vintage
Belt- Vintage
Hat- Mint by Goorin

By the time I awoke yesterday morning, I was already roasting alive, having fallen asleep accidentally--read: passed out on my laptop--in my vintage Sonia Rykiel knit robe, which I'm certain could eliminate death by hypothermia across the land if only Rykiel were more accessible to the masses.

[Then again, Rykiel pour mass retailer H&M remains one of the better collaborations, unquestionably. (Let's not talk about some of those Versace pieces.)]

Anyway, the heat blanket in my room quickly lifted after opening those balcony doors--(heaven's gates?), and changing into this cotton sundress, which, while usually wildly inappropriate for the 21st of March in MontrĂ©al, was truly my saviour yesterday, as the mercury reached a gorgeous, albeit alarming, 26 celsius.

And so, here's to you and yours in sundresses and sun hats, and here's to heat waves, which make it all possible.

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