Friday, 16 March 2012

A Comprehensive Guide to: Spring Denim

"Not a year goes by without my receiving an order for jeans." - father of modern anthropology, Claude Levi-Strauss.

Petite Ditsy Denim Bralet- Topshop
Denim Soft Bralet- Topshop
Denim Zip Bralet- Topshop

MOTO Floral Leigh Jean- Topshop
MOTO Aztec Printed Leigh- Topshop
MOTO Floral Printed Leigh- Topshop

MOTO High Waisted Hotpants- Topshop
Tall High Waisted Hotpants- Topshop
MOTO High Waisted Kristen Hotpants- Topshop
MOTO Stripe High Waist Hotpants- Topshop

MOTO Oversized Western Jacket- Topshop
MOTO Acid Denim Jacket- Topshop
Denim Jacket- H&M

Denim Bodycon Dress- Free People
Denim Bustier Dress- Free People

Longroad Denim Vest- Madewell
Denim Vest- Old Navy
Life in Progress™ Denim Vest- Forever 21

Denim Circle Skirt- American Apparel
Stretch Bull Denim High-Waisted Skirt- American Apparel

Denim Pencil Skirt- Alexander McQueen

MOTO High Waist Sorbet Jamie Jeans- Topshop
Colour Skinny Jeans-
MOTO Mink Baxter Jeans- Topshop
1969 Lightweight Always Skinny Cropped Jeans- Gap


  1. Great picks. Love your taste!
    And I like your blog a lot, soI'm following it now via

    have a nice day, dear!

    1. Hey Gabriele,

      Thank you! I appreciate it! So difficult narrowing down the printed jeans. So incredibly difficult.


  2. Love this post! Deff got a few new ideas!

    xo, Lizz

    1. Thanks Lizz! I wish so immensely I had that pair of Mint denim from Topshop for today! (Happy St. Patty's day! :)