Monday, 19 March 2012

Currently Coveting: The Mullet Skirt

For all the bad press the business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back mullet hairstyle gets, the questionable coif has certainly inspired one fabulous hemline.

I fell for the maxi long ago, but this evolution of the floor-skimming skirt is a rare instance of success regarding that idiom, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I still covet a maxi but now this, too, fondly. Or maybe I've just fallen for this particular shade of berry.

Either way, if you fell for maxis this past winter to the same degree as I, the pseudo-maxi, pseudo-mini, asymmetrical hemline is a great way to update your look for spring. Just don't get fancy with your hair in the same way--I couldn't bear the guilt. Nor could Christopher Guest.

The Mullet Skirt


  1. love the colour of the skirt. xx

    1. Hi Alina!

      Agreed in every way. The perfect burgundy crimson.