Wednesday, 28 March 2012

From No! to Yes!: Fuchsia

I rarely wear fuchsia. I think it looks fake and, more often than not, cheap, neither of which I strive to be--(unless I'm sneaking past the doorman at Bluedog so as not to pay $5 cover, in which case I am very, very cheap). That being said, fuchsia is one of the hottest brights on the market this spring, and I'm determined to embrace it in all its Elle Woods, RuPaul glory.

However, there really are a-hundred-and-one ways to get this colour wrong, from patent leather, to overzealous embellishment, to any and all things nineties-inspired, which should very much stay locked in the vault, along with mesh crop-tops and bralessness. Fuchsia is not a colour of any subtlety so to wear it right, you must discern the nuanced from the nasty, which is a considerably more delicate procedure than one might guess. Even a misplaced zipper--(see The Fuchsia Blazer)--can make an item go awry.

Place your bets on crisp, refined lines and classic cuts, and at all costs, remain far, far away from The Devil's Duo: pink-and-sparkly--unless the statement you're trying to make is One Direction fangirl, in which case, keep your headphones in and go for it.

Yes- Wilfred Marcel
Yes- Elizabeth and James
Yes- Etro
Yes- Reed Krakoff

Yes- Chinese Laundry

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