Thursday, 15 March 2012

Stages of Peplum

The peplum is truly a trend after my own heart.

And while it may have met its first reincarnation at the FW shows last February, (Marc Jacobs, hi), the peplum has proved its staying power through several seasons, and is really having a moment for spring- one which will continue well through this fall--(justification for ravenous indulgence in many a version).

That being said, while the hourglass aesthetic is enviable in its own right, it also works against all that I sweat winter out at the mercy of my Fascist tennis instructor, George, trying to avoid. If you're not ready to jump in with two feet yet, start with "Peplum Light" and work your way up to this black ruffle-tiered number by Miu Miu. Very Black Swan. (And if you're very, very brave, try this.)

As some recording artist I care very little about said, "work them hips/run girl".

Three Stages of Peplum

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