Friday, 30 March 2012

Three Ways to Wear: The Blush Blazer

Anytime a blush trend emerges from the sartorial woodwork, I can't help but feel a little shorted. Blush is lovely--the loveliest, even. Flaxen-haired people of the world unite under its holy hue. I, however, am entirely dark-featured, and are you fully aware how difficult it is to match brown and pink pastel?

At the same time, the blush blazer is one of those trends I've actually had hanging on my clothes rack for many months now following a particularly fiendish vintage jacket spree last August. I think I've worn it once, and if I recall rightly, was fairly uninspired by the outcome.

But none of these woes are something a little street style inspiration can't remedy and honestly, despite my complaints, the blush blazer is really quite simple to wear. Pair it with like shades of pastel, or throw it over a floral sundress for a vintage feel. If you're still unsure about the look, toss a Cambridge Satchel on it. That will always do the trick.

Blazer- Mango
Flats- Steve Madden
Hat- Reiss
Bag- Cambridge Satchel
Socks- Antipast
Image- stylemarmalade

Blazer- T. Babaton
Dress- Republic
Shoes- Dealuxe
Bag- Kate Spade
Image- kisforkani

Blazer- Reiss
Pants- J Brand
Bag- Prada
Shoes- Yandex
Necklace- YSL
Image- andyheart

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