Saturday, 14 April 2012

Four Ways to Wear: The Carrot Blazer

You see this colour? This colour is called carrot. Embrace it. Adore it. Wear it on a blazer. Lend me said blazer. Don't be upset when I don't return it.

Seriously, I could not be digging the carrot blazer harder for summer and while I do own something relatively similar in apricot, apricot is not carrot, and the tailoring of this Rag & Bone jacket is also considerably more structured than the one residing in my closet - (and how I mourn these shortcomings.)

Certain exam-takers of campus and beyond, when you're dressing in the dark tomorrow morning - (that must be what you've been doing, right? [Apologies - stress makes me sassy.]) - please be inspired by this. Take off your drawstring hoodie, put on a (carrot if you've got it) blazer, turn on the lights, and smile.

Blazer- Rag & BoneTop- Joseph Garcon
Collar Tips- Miss Selfridge
Ring- Dara EttingerImage- GabrielleS

Blazer- Rag & Bone
Bustier- Topshop
Trousers- Warehouse
Shoes- Mango
Image- FashionZen

Blazer- Rag & Bone
Top- Dolce & Gabbana
Trousers- Isabel Marant
Clutch- Eriin
Shoes- Burak Uyan

Blazer- Rag & Bone
Trousers- Warehouse
Shoes- Debenhams
Watch- Timex
Image- Bornonheels

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