Tuesday, 3 April 2012

From No! to Yes!: The Neon Accessory

In the middle-schooled days of my youth, I wasn't aware of an accessory colour besides neon. Claire's over Chopard; Ardene over Van Cleef & Arpels. I recall favouring a good, fluorescent lightning bolt motif earring, or perhaps an armful of gummy bracelets in shades that probably meant all manner of things I was entirely unaware of.

There is a thin neon line between tacky and trendy when you're operating in shades of safety stripes. To this end, it really comes down to material and weight. Lightweight plastic and anything else that looks like it came out of a) a machine or b) a box of Cracker Jacks is out. Then again, in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Paul engraves a ring for Holly that he fishes from a Cracker Jack box and she admires it well enough so perhaps leave the neon accessory up to discretion.

Err on the side of expense and invest in leather over vinyl, and  fine jewelry over costume. Avoid all things jelly or lucite and absolutely avoid all things Juicy Couture. They really know how to make a costly thing nast.

Yes- Kate Spade
Yes- CC Skye
Yes- Pree BrulĂ©e 
Yes- Italia Independent
Bag- Cambridge Satchel
Yes- Manolo Blahnik

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