Friday, 6 April 2012

From No! to Yes!: The Scarf Print

Anyone who knew me this time last year knows of my obsession with the silk scarf. With a growing collection of vintage scarves and no function for them but as bag handle decor, I took to wearing them as hairwraps in various hybrid incarnations of the turban.

Eventually, after quite the run, I retired the trend, but even so, I still grow weak in the knees at the sight of a really fabulous scarf print, rich in colour, woven to full opacity, and usually featuring an equestrian or nautical motif. Naturally, then, the scarf print trend for spring/summer is one I've jumped at. Scarf print covering my entire body? Oui.

However, printed silk also threatens huge margin for error, given its occasional appropriation by all kinds of wrong; immediately coming to mind are: cheap dollar-bin ties, medallion-print tunics circa '03, and Sears prom dresses. (The third example was a trick point; Sears prom dresses are always wrong). Anyway, to avoid being worn by the scarf print instead of the other way around, avoid colour palettes both fluorescent and watercolour, anything patchwork, and--it should go without saying--any pairing with ribbed jersey cotton.
Yes- Mustique
Yes- Oasis
Yes- Oasis
Yes- Topshop
Yes- Givenchy

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