Monday, 9 April 2012

Past to Present: Fine Gold and Pastels

One of my mother's absolute favourite, or at least, most frequent utterances is something to the effect of "I owned that exact thing you just bought in..." ('73, '84, '91, etc), and then the inevitable, and always mildly painful, "too bad I threw it out."

In fact, that very phrase is the reason I keep every statement item I rack up, regardless of the ephemerality of whatever bygone trend it once adhered to. Fashion is recycling and this image serves as perfect evidence of that. Above is one of my favourite photos of my mother, from Christmas 1980; she was twenty-years-old and one month, exactly the same age as me now.

As it happens, this pair of Pentimento pants is one of the few items she has preserved, and while they fit me pretty well, the cut through the leg is a bit outdated. Nonetheless, she refuses to let me hem them into cut-offs, which actually, I applaud her for, because who knows? Maybe in a few years, we'll have looped around to boot-cuts in Vogue again. Until then, here's how I've updated this look for Spring #2K12. 

Past to Present: Fine Gold and Pastels

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  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I was soooo slim then!! I loved those pants with their back pockets zippered. I shall leave them to you in my will.