Sunday, 1 April 2012

What I'm Wearing: Gold Cuffs and Time Pieces

What I'm Wearing: Gold Cuffs and Time Pieces

My brother arrived in Montréal Friday for the weekend, which provided great opportunity to shop hang out with him and seriously, how I have missed that guy. So after a wonderful evening of much cider at Casa del Popolo and two hours of much needed abandonment after a week of papers, (to the sweet music of Library Voices and Yukon Blonde--check them out, they're so good), we woke up late yesterday morning to the promise of a good brunch and a few good buys.

The best buy I made was this fabulous pair of gleaming gold cuffs, which I've truly been meaning to invest in forever and finally, finally yesterday did. A girl was never more pleased. Despite the fact that wearing them in tandem makes me look like a genie, I quite like their bold simplicity. To that end, I like the pairing with this equally simple, but classic look. The double watch may be gratuitous but I can't wear the necklace alone as its face is actually trompe l'oeil and a girl needs to keep her time.

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