Friday, 18 May 2012

Spotlight On: The Summer Bodysuit

The one-piece bodysuit is experiencing a huge post-eighties revival right now for summer, and I am digging it in so many shameless ways. Given my long-term obsession with bustiers and all things high waisted, the amalgamation of the two into one uniform shape is frankly alchemic.

Looking over this shortlist of my top five favourite bodysuits for the summer, I realize they could easily pass for one-piece swimsuits - (except that white Gucci number; I'm not into wet t-shirt contests other than this time I spectated one by accident at Club Soda in Montréal at the beginning of first-year, but those were seedier times). That being said, don't be mistaken - these are not to be worn in water.

These numbers are bona-fide, style-em-with-a-pair-of-palazzos, wear-them-for-day pieces, and if one so happens to be patterned with the onion and daisy motif I've been crazy about since the debut of the D&G S/S '12 collection in the fall, all the better.


Dolce & Gabbana



Michael Kors

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