Sunday, 13 May 2012

What I'm Wearing: Mango Minimalism

Blazer- Vintage
Top- Mind Code
Trousers- H&M
Shoes- H&M
Cuff- H&M
Nail Colour- "Make Mine Mango", Revlon

What I'm Wearing: Mango Minimalism

This minimal outfit was an extremely quick pick for a Mother's Day brunch I was absolutely running late for, as per usual. The other day I was speed walking hopelessly to a job interview in my patent brogues when I literally stopped a stranger to drive me the final kilometre and a half. Reckless? Peut-etre. But I did arrive at my destination seven minutes early (and not abducted, which was nice).

I'm noticing lately that my style is very much taking a turn for the minimalist, which it's always had a tendency to do, but is now always doing to some extent. Admittedly, I'm gutted that I'm required to wear a uniform at my workplace, which though fabulous - (an immense early 19th-century stone fort, converted to a living history museum) - is so stifling for  "creative expression" and all that, you know? I finally get that whole oppressed Catholic school girl thing. Here's to hoping I don't go all Mary Katherine Gallagher on any co-workers, because of it.

I can't speak for what happens when a fashion kid is deprived of her clothing.

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