Monday, 16 July 2012

A Comprehensive Guide to: Cocktail Rings for Summer

My first introduction to the cocktail ring was a blush and tangerine beaded confection gifted to me by my mother and stolen from me by my elementary school French teacher who borrowed it one day as a prank and is still dragging on the joke a decade later, I can only guess.

Since then, I've been irreparably attracted to all things gold and baubled and subtly ostentatious much like a magpie or that requisite elderly woman you know ever bedecked in Swarovski brooches and costume pearls who's all, "whatevs" to that "take one accessory off before leaving the house" rule.

Any incarnation of the cocktail ring in mint or white is very "Ladies Who Lunch", the stand-out of which is absolutely the coral-inspired piece by Indian label Amrita Singh. As for the zoomorphic pieces, the saying "you can't account for taste" probably applies here, as wearing an animal likeness on your ring finger may ring of gaudiness for boring dressers. I think of them simply as statements.

But then, I'm mostly just crazy about this cigar ring by Erica Anenberg, which appears as though in an earlier life may have found a home on the pinky of a wealthy oil baron or shipping heir; I aspire to eventually be gifted one by either, and this costume piece is a respectable start.

Kenneth Jay Lane
Erica Anenberg
By Sophie

Melissa Joy Manning
Didi Colley
Amrita Singh

Robindira Unsworth
Kate Spade
Belle Noel

Soho Hearts

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