Tuesday, 31 July 2012

In My Closet: The New Classics

Here they are: The New Classicsthe pieces I'm over-wearing to humiliating degree this season, and which will likely last many a season more so long as I don't lose them, shrink them, stain them, or otherwise wreck them, all of which I'm likely to do, as I tend to be a bit of a child with my things, and can't be trusted not to put a serious dent in their longevity, if not end them entirely. Poor things--I could never have a pet.

I purchased this vintage Sonia Rykiel knit at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg in late February as a birthday present to myself and it quickly became a catch-all sweater, robe, pyjama, etc. It's a little pockmarked but I plan to wear it into senility.
This pale yellow Ralph Lauren blazer was also a vintage find but at a Value Village, of all places, in my hometown. The tailoring is all eighties power woman, but perfect, nonetheless. It's heavily shoulder-padded, but it's Lauren pedigree prevents it from feeling costumey.
If it isn't already clear, I'm crazy about the collared pocketed sheer sleeveless top. Collared-pocketed-sheer-sleeveless tops for all, you know? Your bra may forever be visible, but indecency reigns.
Collared Shirt- Forever 21
Is a style blogger really a style blogger if a style blogger doesn't own a gold tipped collared blouse?
Blouse- Sparkle and Fade
Such beauties, but so in need of breaking in.
Peasant Shoe- Forever 21
Pretty trendy, but I still hope they last forever.
Loafers- Nine West
The only hat for me, and purchased at a boxing day sale no less. The brand is Mint by Goorin, which is one of the myriad brands carried at Urban Outfitters, but is actually a really cool house in its own right, searchable under Goorin Bros.
"Mint is my favourite colour" is maybe a very biddie statement to make, but a very true one, too, so there it is. I can't stop myself with this shade.
Another necklace from Forever 21. I like to think I'm into costume jewelry, but mainly I'm just a student.
One gold H&M cuff of a set I wear practically as permanent jewelry. I almost have a wrist tan from this gem, which is awful and plebeian, but comes with the obsession. 
A pair of black Cheap Mondays are the latest addition to my truly comprehensive collection of high-waisted pants, and they are truly fantastic, if not slightly long. 
I should get rid of these, as they are visibly broken, and excessively overworn, but I can't make myself do it. Sunglasses, as a universal rule, look particularly bad on me, and these somehow manage not to. And that's all I ask--that I not be an uggo, and that more things come in mint.
The best fuchsia, In Vogue by Rimmel. 
Maybe it's blasphemous to say so, but I just haven't fallen for Essie like the rest of the girls. These are my current colours: Grey Suede, Midnight Blue, Fashionista, Gold Coin, all by Revlon.
Romance by Ralph Lauren has been my fragrance since the outset of the new year, and I dig its subtlety. As far as I can tell, it's not overwhelming, and also not overwhelmingly ubiquitous. According to the ads, it also "evokes the timeless essence of falling in love," so there's that.

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